Governors Welcome

On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to reiterate our Headteacher’s welcome to new parents and to thank existing parents for their continuing support.
I am sure that you will find this latest edition of the prospectus useful and informative not only now but as the school year progresses.
We are very proud of Durand Primary School. Our staff are highly motivated, caring and professional in all aspects of education.
Under the leadership of our Headteacher, Mrs. Allison Waters, I am fully convinced our children will receive the help,
guidance and support they need to in order to achieve their full potential.
All of the Governors actively support the Headteacher and school personnel in achieving the school’s aims and objectives,
whilst constantly seeking to improve standards across the curriculum.
As Governors we all have particular responsibilities and are frequent visitors to the school.
Our children’s education is an essential foundation stone for the rest of their lives.
We are committed to providing them with the highest standard of teaching and learning in a safe caring environment
in which they will receive a thorough, rounded and totally enjoyable education during these their formative years.
We look forward to achieving this with your assistance and support.
County Councilor Jim Higginson
Chair of Governors

The current membership of the Governing Body is shown below:

Chairperson of Governors:

C. Cllr Jim Higginson

Vice Chairperson:

Mr. Tim St John

LEA Governors:

Mrs. Vanessa Barnett

Community Governors:    (Appointed by Governing Body) 

Mrs. Cynthia Plant

Mr. Mike Sage

Mr. Henry Higgins

Parent Governors:

Ms. Ceri Middleton

Mrs. Lucinda Lund

Mrs. Sian Dolbel

Mr. Richard Shapland

Community Governors:    (Appointed by the Community)

Mrs. Maria Stevens

Teacher Governor

Mr. Anthony Moses

Non-Teaching Staff Governor:

Mrs. Sara Williamson


Mrs. Allison Waters

Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs. Jacqui Morris