Croeso i dosbarth Derbyn!

Welcome to our Reception Class web page.

We will endeavour to update this page often to keep you all in touch with the wonderful things we will be doing on our journey through school life!

We hope you enjoy reading and viewing our page as much as we enjoy taking part in school life and the activities we take part in to prepare us for the real world.

Below are a list of all the topics we cover during Reception Year.

  • Do you want to be friends?
  • Will you read me a story
  • Do cows drink milk?
  • Are we there yet

Do You Want To Be Friends?

Throughout this topic we looked at how to be a good friend. we decided to have a picnic and invite our teddy bears to enjoy the day.

Making jam sandwiches for the teddy bears’ picnic

Off to the forest

Enjoying our jam sandwiches

We played hide and seek with our teddy bears

Lots of fun was had by all

Will you read me a story?

During this topic we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made porridge for the bears using our Maths skills to estimate measure and count how many spoonfuls to fill each of the different sized bowls.

Measuring the porridge into a large bowl for Daddy Bear

A medium sized bowl for Mummy Bears


Do cows drink milk?

This topic explored life on a farm. We made a list of jobs for the farmer to do, one of the jobs was to milk the cows. We had lots of fun pretending to milk the cows.

We made a farm shop in our outdoor area.

We used the foods bought in the farm shop to make a soup in the mud kitchen.

We used the farm animals to sort and add.

Milking the cows.

Who collected the most milk?

Are we there yet?

For this topic we explored ways to travel

By car

By boat