Reception Forest School

Week 1

After wrapping up warm, we ventured out into the cold afternoon.  As the snow came down we tried to catch the snow flakes on our tongues.  As we explored the forest, we discovered that the pond was frozen!! Miss Booth bravely scooped up a piece of the ice for us to hold.

We searched the forest to find signs of spring using photographs.  We identified daffodils and many other things. Ask us if we remember what else we found.

Week 2

We started off our session today with a scavenger hunt.  We had to find things that were prickly, sharp, smooth, rough, as big as our little finger etc.

As a surprise, our teachers said that we could build mini snowmen using the last of the snow before it disappeared completely…We had SUCH fun!!!

Check out the photos to see our creations.

Week 3

WOW! Our school field was a little flooded today, we could not resist jumping in the puddles! we got dry by rolling around on the grass…such a giggle!

We also had to find a letter ‘y’ and a letter ‘l’ and tie them together to make our very own stick men, it was a bit tricky. When they were finally done, we took them on an adventure around the forest.

Week 4

The sun came out today and the birds were singing!

We looked in the pond and found some frog spawn which we investigated.  Ask us if we can remember, where it comes from and what it turns into.

We were inspired by the singing birds to build nests  for our own little chicks. We discovered that the birds work very hard in the spring!

Week 5

Our final week of Forest School!

We celebrated all of our learning by having a REAL camp fire!

The sun came out as we toasted marshmallows and popped popcorn over the flames. The marshmallows were sticky and some of us got it everywhere!! It was great fun.

We also checked up on the frog spawn we found last week and some of it had already turned into tiny, tiny tadpoles.  Mrs Combstock nearly fell in the pond trying to get some for us to look at…we all found that very funny!