Durand Staff Members

Head TeacherMrs. A. Waters
Deputy Head Teacher
Assessment & Attendance Manager
Leader of Emotional & Mental Well-Being
Mr. A. Moses
Mrs. L. Wilton (Reception)
Mrs. L. Johns (Yr1)
Mrs. J. Dunn (Yr2)
Mr. R. Wilks (Yr3)
Mrs. C. Sisson (Yr4)
Mr. W. Marangon (Yr 5)
Miss. L. Collins (Yr6)
Nursery HLTA:Miss.K. Goff
HLTA:Mrs. K. Noblet
Miss. S. Ley
Mrs. A. Brunnock

Classroom SupportMrs. S. Dolbel
Mrs. W. Collier
Mrs. K. Hooper
Mrs. A. Davies
Mrs. B. Hunt
Mrs. C. Middleton
Mrs. S. Edwards
Mrs. A. Wakelin
Mrs. M. Salisbury
Mrs. H. Seymour
Mrs. J. Voss
Mrs. D. Chappelle
Mrs. V. Norminton
Mrs. L. Hart
Miss S Littlejohns
School AdministratorMrs. S. Williamson
CaretakerMr. S. Edwards
CleanersStaff provided by Monmouthshire County Council
Midday SupervisorsMrs. L. Adams
Mrs. I. Quelch
Cook &

Assistant Cook

Vacant – Cook
Alicia Olejova – Assistant Cook
Nadia Kanak – Catering Assistant
Alexandra Sahw – Catering Assistant
Peripatetic Woodwind
Peripatetic ViolinMr. N. Stone
Peripatetic PercussionMr. D. Pugh
Peripatetic Guitar/Celtic Band
Peripatetic GuitarMiss. A. Griffiths
UkuleleMiss. A. Griffiths
School Health NurseMrs. A. Hall (01291) 426729
Education Welfare OfficerRachel Worrad
Chief Officer for Young Children and Young People DirectorateMr. Will McLean
Chief Officer for Children and Young People Directorate,
Monmouthshire County Council,
County Hall,
NP44 2XH
Telephone: (01633) 644644