Celtic Roundhouses

We decided to build round houses as part of our topic. We cut willow, weaved it into a frame and added a leaf and grass roof. After that came the BEST bit, we mixed mud and daubed the walls of our round houses! Building the houses was much harder than we expected. It gave us a better understanding of how hard life was in Celtic times.

Exploring, natural art and twig towers.

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Leaf Identification & Natural Dye.

We were interested to find out the names of the trees that grow in our school forest.  We used their leaves to identify them. Why don’t you ask us if we can remember some of the names and what the leaves looked like?

The Celts used natural dyes to colour their fabric and their skin. Using the pounding method we experimented to see if we could extract dye from natural materials.  We think we were fairly successful!


We always enjoy the fire!