Blwyddyn 1 / Year 1 – Mrs Johns

Croeso i dosbarth Blwyddyn Un!

Superhero Topic

Dr Jane, an A & E doctor came in during our Betsi Cadwaladr topic and answered our questions. She also brought real life x-rays for us to investigate.

 Animal Encounter Day

At the start of our new topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers, Mrs Johns brought some of her pets in from home.

She brought in Alfie the dog, Gizmo the cat, Holly and Izzy the rabbits, 2 gerbils, and a chicken called Gingerbread. Mrs Seymour brought in a guinea pig, a leopard gecko and hamsters and Mrs Salisbury brought in Rosie the cockatiel.

It was great day.  We used iPads to take photographs and we practiced our observational skills sketching the animals too.

We were taught how to handle the animals and how to care for them. We later created leaflets teaching others how to care for each of the animals.